Rabu, 26 Oktober 2011

Why Around ?

           In this time around, precious things that all we had love and work for, had come to an end. This is the time for two feelings to becoming as one. The time had begun to make it self proven when nothing between them, a lust is becoming. When the dark has come, the lust it self had begun to make them selves its true form, when only a lust is needed as a start. One hope the lust becoming one truth and the joy of two luster is reality. No others between them, as one they are so tightly so unbreakable, and had become one true passionate of like a movie scene. Your dream is becoming one truth, a successor and one self. A lust .. one hope, is needed and other opened eyes, had spoken and one make a move is needless, when the two eyes met an had spoken themselves, the stories is had nearly meets its end. One spoken words, and others spoken eyes, when those are met, and the neighbor is quite, they understood the scene. This is one dream, and the dream still continues…

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