Jumat, 07 Oktober 2011

End Of This

         No one wants to be rejected. There are opportunities that lies a head. If one had the chance to fixed the command line, that would become a different stories. A difficult times always becoming a reasons. Denied and blurring matters is always a headlines. What one needs is being a step ahead, and developing what one skills to be able to do more than one had done. As time flies, an answer had already been answered. The situation that a pain in the neck, a justification of self and,  is what one don't need. Not facing another stepping stone, what one should be comfront is only a self. Reviewing a scene never been seen before, an abduction in force, and an aggreements that stand out. Will is powerfully rather than a needless conversation, a little work and a lot of prays will surely be a promising approach to the brighter side. If only I could stand out, I would say, me is what I am doing, not what I was bargain for. I'm not a bargain subject, what it is, is always there. 
        For that alone is a fair, for God sake. This is a personal journal of one ,  that being harrassed by a force that one can resist. But, one never says anything because of a taboo. For a chance, and a hope that lies a head. Never giving up and never walk away from anything that stand out. Face it and comfront with it. Honest and reliable is a way to make peace, so that one can be free from another force that would stand again in the future. I would says, this is the end of this. There are no another, there are only the other. Make your self a usefull, and be real about the situation. For that GOD is always there because you believe.

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