Minggu, 15 Agustus 2010

Who Are You TO Judge ?

Well… i’m just saying here with nothing on my back. I let my self lay down just to see what you offer. But time tell and inlight me what the HELL are you? If you don’t like the way this thing works .. Well i got to tell you kiddo…. We All Do That.. wheter you like it or not, maybe you got the most lost on your budget and seem to be un fair for you . I did my time.. until now.. if And don’t like this.. welll SCREW YOU .. B$#QH !

You got what you wanna to say for me. Thats goes here as well .. If this thing going all the way to the end. F34K Y75 ! and Screw Your B#$)^ .. we all did it. I Goes You did it too.. (NO LIE)

SO …. Mind your own bussineses .. Lay off me. You screw my friends and I can do that to you too..

Watch me ..

Just because Your B(0^ worth .. what ??? a 150 Thausand a year .. :P

I got my time.. Watch this thing will end.

I Got something else to share here .. Your B*&9 is S41T !

I think other bloggers will say the same thing here..

Respect !

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