Selasa, 26 Mei 2009

K-Touch A615 Cheap but Reliable Phone

                  My experience in using K-Touch A615, is very intuative. Handphone that very much affordable, but yet so complete in function and fitures. Packet comes with 2 baterai and cable data also a charger. in book user manual, it also explained about the features. 

                  The feature includes, sms lock, this function is capable of locking your preset phone number, so that only the one that set the password, can opened and read the messages. Also, the guard and track functions, in this function, you can abtain your phone and track them, even the sim card is replace. the guard and track system allows the phone to secretly send messages to phone number that are preset in the phone. 

                  K-Touch A615, i must say, with touch screen ability and more other feature included, java powered and most interesting is this model, have shake feature. Which allows user to shake and control the game and MP3 Player in the phone. 

                  I must say, with K-Touch A615 you can have phone cell that last in edge of todays technology.

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